Martin Elementary School

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Lesson Plan

August, 2017 - May, 2018


First Grade and Second Grade Unit Theme: Dewey Decimal System


I Can Statement: I can identify components of the Dewey Decimal System. 


Students in the first and second grade will be seated upon entering the library. Students will then listen to a book being read orally. The selections used will be relevant to the current time of year or social happenings.  After the reading, students will take part in a discussion to determine the dewey classification of the book, and why it falls in it's particular category. This will continue for the entire year, with the expectancy that students are able to use the Dewey Decimal System with ease. During the last 10 minutes of library class the students will be allowed to check out books for personal reading.




Kindergarten students will listen to books read aloud from our collection of Big Books, as well as selected regular books that are suitable for young, emerging readers. Emphasis is placed on direction of print, noting capital letters at the beginning of sentences and periods at the end, and ability to answer questions coming directly from the text.  After they have listened to as many books as their attention spans allow, remaining time will be spent watching a literary video.