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Meet Mrs. Owens


I am so excited to be your 1st grade teacher. It’s going to be a great year full of new friends, new adventures, and new discoveries. This will be my 2nd year teaching 1st grade at Mamie Martin. I have taught 2nd grade, before that I taught 1st grade at Otken Elementary in McComb. I enjoy reading, crafting, and spending time with my husband and daughter, Callie. Let’s make this an incredible year!

Our Classroom...

As the year progresses, you may notice that our classroom doesn’t run like other classrooms. We will be learning through Whole Brain Teaching, a research based system that utilizes all areas of the brain, keeps children engaged throughout their lessons, and helps them retain much more information than the standard lecture-discussion model.

Whole Brain Teaching is a highly interactive form of instruction that delivers information to students in short “chunks.” Kids then teach what they have just learned to their partners, using hand-gestures to help remember specific vocabulary.  While students teach each other, the teacher walks around the room to discover who understands the lesson and who needs more instruction. Research shows that children retain more information when they have an opportunity to put it into their own words and use gestures to emphasize key instructional units …plus, it’s amazingly fun!

We also use some flexible seating in our classroom. Research has shown that kids are able to learn more when they are comfortable and given some choice in their classroom environment. I know personally, I like to curl up in a chair or stretch out somewhere when I am studying. I am an adult and find it hard to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day so why should I expect my students of 6 and 7 years old to be able to do that!

This looks like a few bean bags, scoop rockers, a couch, low tables and cushions, a tall table that they may sit or stand at that the children are allowed to use during our lessons. I have invested in a classroom set of clipboards that the student can use to complete their work as they utilize this seating. Our room has completely moved to alternative seating with the exception of a group of desks that I will keep for those students who learn better in their own structured space.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please feel free to contact me through your child’s planner or through the remind app. You can text @owensa18 to 81010 to sign up for the automated reminders and to be able to message me about anything going on in our class.

In this classroom..

You are cared about. I value your ideas, thoughts, and actions. You have unique talents and strengths and I can’t wait for you to share them with your classmates. You will bring so much to our class and I can’t wait to learn more about you!

Contact Me:

I love to have conversations with parents throughout the year. Please always contact me with any questions or concerns. I want to partner with you in order to best support your child! J

Write me a note in your child’s planner.


Text: @owensa13

To 81010

A copy of my lesson plan can be found on the Mamie Martin homepage. 

Our Behavior Chart


(Positive Note Home)

Ready to Learn

(Everyone starts here)

Think about it

(1st warning)

2nd Warning

(5 minutes off recess)

3rd Warning

(15 minutes off recess)

Final Warning

(Parent Contact)