Martin Elementary School

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Library User Policy

Mamie Martin Library User Policy

At the Mamie Martin Elementary Library, we strive to make usage of our facility as safe and user-friendly as possible.  In order to maintain that atmosphere, we expect the following behaviors from our patrons.


Our users are to be respectful. They are to enter the library in a quiet, calm manner and continue in that mode until they exit.  Running or using an overly fast pace is not permitted.  Movement that could cause harm to another individual is not excusable.  Harassing or intimidating actions, as well as disruptions, are not tolerated, and such behaviors will be addressed immediately. 


Our users are expected to be responsible.  Materials that are checked out are to be returned on time and in the same condition as they were in at the time of check out.  Damage or destruction of our books or furnishings will be met with severe repercussions, and fines may be incurred.  All users, including teachers, are expected to check books out before physically removing them from the library.  Students are allowed to come to the library every day of the week, and are allowed to have two books checked out at any given time.  All checkouts are suspended when a student allows a book to become overdue, and circulation rights will be restored once the overdue item is returned.



We hope our patrons enjoy this library.  In order for us to do our job correctly and to be the most help to you, please keep in mind that using the library is a privilege, not a right.  Also, in order for us to best help everyone, everyone must also help us to maintain the order and accuracy within this facility.